So that manufacturers can sleep easier: a customised climate that fits into any plant.

Manufacturers of Fan Coils don't have it easy when it comes to choosing suitable fans, since the required output is by no means the only criterion for the decision. Other factors that are at least as important are the installation options in the housing of the air-conditioning unit, the noise emissions during operation, and not least the functional principle of the fan drive used, which has a critical effect on energy consumption and thus the operating costs. You no longer have to worry about any of that, because ebm-papst has the right solution ready for every conceivable task.

Some save, others benefit and all win

Hotel climate control systems have very long operating times. It is no wonder, then, that building designers and hotel managers look for efficient technologies – like our GreenTech EC technology. It is the future, also in air-conditioning technology, because it saves up to 70 % of energy. And while doing so, it provides maximum comfort, is particularly low-maintenance and has a very long service life.

All advantages that climate control system manufacturers can pass on directly to their customers.

Our three core competencies

ebm-papst specialises not only in efficient drive technology, but also in aerodynamics and electronics. This means we are capable of developing fans in which all components optimally interact – optimised for high-efficiency, aerodynamics and acoustics. Being pre-assembled and ready to plug in, they can easily be incorporated into a corresponding air-conditioning unit.

Many options, one solution

Air-conditioning solutions with Fan Coils are very popular in hotels, since they enable each guest to select the climate that he or she desires. But here as well there are various options: For example, Fan Coils can be installed as a free-standing unit, a ceiling-mounted unit or they are practically invisible as an in-ceiling unit. In the end, it doesn't really matter which variant a manufacturer decides on; with our complete series of GreenTech EC centrifugal fans, a suitable solution can be found for every purpose.

Install and benefit

Our GreenTech EC fans are available in various designs – in the power range of 40 to 250 watts, with air volumes up to 2,200 m³/h. All fans are specially designed for low-noise operation, while having highly compact dimensions and being easy to install as a plug & play solution: The fan is easily mounted on the exhaust flange and connected using a plug system. This means it will no longer be a problem to make an easy change from AC to EC.