So that hotel managers can sleep easier: a good climate that saves money.

Did you know: Fan Coils in hotels are running about 80 % of the time on average. This means that climate control systems are above all a large cost factor for hotel managers – one that they can significantly reduce with GreenTech EC fans from ebm-papst.

Energy savings of up to 70 %

The reason for the tremendous energy savings, and with them cost savings, is above all the high efficiency of our innovative GreenTech EC motor technology. Depending on operating conditions, this is up to 3 times higher than for conventional AC motors. Naturally, that makes an enormous difference – above all for the hotel's budget. Add to this the higher degree of reliability and longer service life, which also significantly reduce the maintenance costs.

That pays off – and not just for a new building. Conversion of existing installations also pays off extremely quickly.

Almost like having another star

GreenTech EC fans save in every respect – not just by cutting corners, such as comfort. It is significantly greater, because our fans are significantly quieter – about 5 dB(A). In the end, that can make the difference between an unsatisfied and a satisfied guest. And you know best how valuable a satisfied guest is.

Green is your colour

Lower energy consumption means not only lower costs, but also greater benefits for the environment enhancing the hotel's image. Today there is no company – and no hotel – that can still afford to neglect environmental considerations. Whoever leads the way with a good example quickly gains the favour of the public and responsible customers, that is, guests. Not to mention the good feeling from doing the right thing – which is fitting for all of us.

Look for the GreenTech logo

In hotel climate control systems, in particular, pro-active planning is critical, keeping the total life cycle costs in mind at all times – whether for a new building or renovation project. Their excellent efficiency with the highest degree of reliability makes air-conditioning units with GreenTech EC technology unbeatable over the long haul. By the way, this is also confirmed by the Eurovent Certification: only Fan Coils with GreenTech EC fans attain efficiency class A here. Your architect should be sure to have this in mind – or better yet: on the tender documents.