So that guests can sleep easier: a climate to their comfort without noise.

Overly noisy climate control systems indeed number among the most frequent reasons that hotel guests complain. Fortunately, you can change that: with GreenTech EC fans from ebm-papst.

Just right

Climate control systems have long since become standard in more upscale hotels – even in moderate latitudes. After all, it is no secret that the human body feels most comfortable at temperatures around 20 °C.

GreenTech EC fans have a decisive advantage here as well: They are continuously adjustable. This means that you never have to put up with “too warm” or “too cold” – instead it can be “just right”.

Good night, noisemaker

We all know about overly noisy climate control systems. Until now they have been practically unavoidable, since conventional AC fans with fan coils have been relatively noisy due to limited technology and have needed to run a lot more than our EC centrifugal fans due to their lower efficiency. Thanks to the latest GreenTech EC technology and aerodynamic optimisations, they are demonstrably the quietest on the market and hardly audible for the hotel guest. That provides an atmosphere perfect for comfortable sleep.

The added environmental value

Our growing environmental awareness has an ever greater influence on our purchase decisions, whether these concern organic food products, furniture made of renewable wood or even your next holiday trip. “Green travelling” is a market that began only recently, but whose significance will greatly increase in the future.

In that case, a hotel that is orientated towards sustainability and, accordingly, offers “added environmental value” has what may be a decisive argument in its favour. The climate control system has a considerable influence on the ecological bottom line of a hotel. As far as that is concerned, the hotel operator is definitely on the future-proof side with our GreenTech EC technology.

Welcome to the Number 1 in air technology and drive engineering

ebm-papst is the worldwide market leader for air technology and drive engineering as well as the forerunner in developing the high-efficiency GreenTech EC technology. This is precisely the technology with which we are also setting new standards in the field of Fan Coils. These air-to-water air-conditioning units have either cold or heated water flowing through a heat exchanger. A built-in fan blows air over the heat exchanger and thereby adjusts the room air temperature. Our GreenTech EC fans operate particularly quietly and economically here. That means everyone can sleep easier: guests, hotel managers, building designers, installation engineers and climate control system manufacturers.