So that hotel architects can sleep easier: a comfortable climate that is truly groundbreaking.

Before, air-conditioning devices for cooling buildings were found mainly in southern regions. Today it is becoming popular to use temperature equalising air-conditioning even at more moderate latitudes. Therefore, finding the right air-conditioning solution is a mandatory step for hotel architects.

Simply profitable for a longer time

Buildings are designed for the future – more than most anything else. For the air-conditioning system, this means that it is necessary to take the total life cycle costs into account: not just for installation, but also for ongoing operating costs, maintenance costs and, not least, the service life.

Fan Coils with GreenTech EC technology are unbeatable in this calculation. This is true not only because or fans are extremely efficient and thus cost-effective in operation, but also because they reduce the maintenance costs to a minimum and render many years of reliable service.

Quality for the future

With GreenTech EC technology in your climate control system, you not only increase comfort for hotel guests, but also the value of the entire building. Because our technology is groundbreaking – and thus will remain state-of-the-art for some time now. Another reason is that the ecological bottom line also boosts the hotel's image – as perceived by the guest and the public at large.

Build on our over 40 years of experience.

Did you know that a single building can hold up to 20 different high-quality products from ebm-papst? For over four decades now, our engineers and technicians have been busy constantly developing new innovations for refrigeration and air-conditioning technology, heating systems and many other applications in which air is to be moved in the most intelligent, low-noise and efficient manner possible.